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 New Orleans, August 20, 2023

Content and materials were developed by RhAPP in consultation with Lupus Research Alliance/Lupus Therapeutics.

Comments by presenters may not reflect the views of either organization. Both organizations uphold the highest ethical standards and maintain editorial control of all educational materials published.


This initiative is supported by a sponsorship from GlaxoSmithKline, LLC.

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Candace Semien –

Lupus Warrior

"The NP was the only one who heard me."

Candace Semien, Lupus Warrior;

on her diagnosis of lupus six years after seeing her first symptoms

"Mind your medical business. Know your history to help medical professionals best care for you."

Candace Semien, Lupus Warrior;

on the importance of advocating for yourself and shared decision making

"Be a wolf, be relentless in staying well."

Candace Semien, Lupus Warrior;

on your overall health living with lupus

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