APPs play a vital role in the care and management of patients with lupus, which is often underdiagnosed. Since SLE is under diagnosed, it is therefore undertreated, and care is often suboptimal especially in high-risk communities. RhAPP is committed to providing education and opportunities that improve access to care for patients in high-risk communities, especially in areas with vulnerable populations. To address this need, RhAPP will host a series of patient education seminars being held in cities across the country. Additional details on locations and dates will be available in the coming weeks!


RhAPP is also pleased to provide education specifically designed for APPs on the diagnosis and management of lupus. By advancing education for APPs in lupus, we aim to close gaps in patient care which will lead to improved patient outcomes. RhAPP will launch a publication in May to coincide with Lupus Awareness Month that will provide in depth education addressing the diagnosis and care of specific patient populations who are at most risk for under diagnosis. Stay tuned for the launch of this publication, and for additional RhAPP educational offerings on lupus.

Nationwide Regional Meetings

June 2022

New Orleans, LA

Additional information coming soon!

September 2022

Scottsdale, AZ

Additional information coming soon!

July 2022

New York, NY

Additional information coming soon!

October 2022

Houston, TX

Additional information coming soon!

August 2022

Fort Lauderdale, FL

Additional information coming soon!

November 2022

Los Angeles, TX

Additional information coming soon!

This initiative is supported by a sponsorship from GlaxoSmithKline, LLC.


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