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2021 Conference Slides


Opening Plenary: Managing Burnout and Wellness
Kyle George, PA-C
Talia Sierra, DMSC, PA-C
Heidi Brown, BHS, PA-C
Wendy Simmons, PA-C, DFAAPA
Danielle Gatti Palumbo, Pharm.D., BCACP
Lisa Alleman, PA-C, MMS
Christy Vath , PA-C
Eileen Lydon, ANP-BC
Patty Travis, CNP
Cross Specialty: Rheum/GI
Christina Hanson, NP
Betsy Kirchner, DNP
Monica Richey, MSN, ANP-BC
Cassie Dolecki, PharmD
Behcet’s Disease
Jennifer Simpson, DNP
Nathan Mitchell, PharmD
Plenary 3:
Chris Kottensette, PA-C


Vaccine Update
Betsy Kirchner, DNP
Tegan Magsam, PharmD
Raynaud's Disease
Sarah Wilmsmeyer, PA
The influence of inflammation on comorbidities
Jeannette Hart, PA-C, MCHS
Kyle George, PA-C
Rising creatinine and Evaluation of abnormal LFT’s
Jennie Feiger, PA-C
Christina Hanson, FNP-C
Wendy Simmons, PA-C, DFAAPA
Jackie Fritz, RNMSN, RNBC
Rana Aoufe, PA-C
Pre-Conception and Pregnancy
Jessica Farrell, PharmD
Jonna Zelie, PA
Pediatric Transition
Michelle Hicks, NP
Michelle Sutter, NP
Amit Kapadia, PharmD
Andrew Nunes, PharmD
Impact of renal or hepatic dysfunction on medication management of rheumatologic disorders
Beth Resman-Targoff, PharmD
The Positive ANA Myth
Isabel Hartig, NP
Elaine Zobrist, NP
Bugs and Drugs
Tony Mixon, PharmD

Parallel Sessions

Beginner Session: GCA
Monica Richey, NP
Betsy Kirchner, DNP
Expert Session: ANCA Associated Vasculitis
Naomi Amudala, FNP-BC
Danielle Gatti-Palumbo, PharmD
Beginner Session: Recognition of Myositis
Emmy Katz, PA-C
Eileen Lydon, NP
Expert Session: Complex Management of Myositis
Michele Cerra, NP-C
Erin Siceloff, PA-C
Beginner Session: The Basics of SpA
Robert Laugherty, PA-C
Christy Vath, PA-C
Expert Session: Co-Morbidities of SpA
Audrey Gibson, PA-C
Shannon Ghizzoni, PA-C


Immunology Bootcamp: Part 1
Amanda Mixon, PA-C
Monica Richey, NP
Immunology Bootcamp: Part 2
Amanda Mixon, PA-C
Monica Richey, NP
Ultrasound Bootcamp: Part 2
Kyle George, PA-C
Nate Mathews, RMSK
McKenna Syphus, RMA
Immunology Bootcamp: Part 3
Amanda Mixon, PA-C
Monica Richey, NP
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