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RhAPP 2024 Case Studies | Share your most interesting cases!

Submit an interesting case to be viewed by your APP colleagues during the RhAPP 2024 National Conference in Nashville, TN. Each case should include a brief introduction, descriptive imagery, and a summary for display purposes. Cases will be selected for an in-person poster presentation. Case examples could include "zebra" mystery diagnoses, an atypical presentation of a more common disease, an interesting radiographic or laboratory finding, or any case that would advance your colleagues understanding of rheumatologic diseases.


Submission Requirements and Details:

  • Submissions can be made by practicing APPs and APP scholarship recipients. Each accepted submission will receive (1) complimentary 2024 National Conference registration.

  • Submit a relevant patient case that you find interesting and will provide educational value.

  • You may submit up to two (2) cases.

  • Submissions must be in PowerPoint© format.

  • Cases can consist of no more than ten (10) slides and must be formatted as follows:

    • Title slide / Introduction

    • Slide 1: HPI

    • Slides 3-5: Data - laboratory results, radiology, pathology, etc

    • Slide 6-7: Disease course, including treatment. Your content slides should tell the story of your case. You may use images

    • Slide 8-10: Final diagnosis, case discussion, summary


Final poster display will feature select slides from the submitted case in printed/enlarged format (Times New Roman, 12-point font). Posters must use the same font throughout the presentation, be formatted properly, and have no grammatical or spelling errors.  Poster display walk-through will be held on Friday, September 27th at the Omni Nashville Hotel.

Submission Deadline Date: Friday, August 16, 2023

Award Notification Date: Friday, August 23, 2023

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